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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Dumb ignorance of black Somalis

The horrendous pictures I see on internet, the verbal racist remarks towards other fellow Africans and the very extreme form of Islam is what ruins Somalia. There are great plans for Somalia, but Somalis don't have their act together. Unfortunately there is a lot of poverty, famine, you name it.

Furthermore, what baffles me as African person (now living in London with my British husband) is the brutality many Somalis have towards other black Africans (and some other black people, whose ancestors are of West-African descent. They describe them as monkeys, hard-hair people and think they are superior...Excuse me?? I know Africa has been torn apart by coloniasm and war, and there is still a high amount of poverty in most African countries, but I see that many "Bantu" countries (btw, Bantus only reside in South-Africa)  are on the rise and have a big projects going on. That doesn't mean they have everything altogether of course. Africa has still a long way to go. Take a look at these pictures:




Nigeria (the country I come from)








Haiti (Caribbean country)

If you search for Somalia construction I thank God that I see a little bit of progression. I count Somaliland and Puntland also as Somalia.

Unfortunately the only thing they see is the difference between their hair/nose and ours and have completely indoctrinated themselves with lies. Look, I can be mean, ignorant and racist too if you want about Somalia. You don't like it when people only post pictures of Somalia like this right?



I guess that their false religion blinds their eyes, they think caucasion people love them because of their features...oh really? You people have been deceived. White people/countries in general aren't fond of dark-skinnend people, no matter what your phenotype is like. Read this: Nightmare for Somalis in Europe. Well so much for your huge pointy nose and soft hair! Racism from whites will teach you Somalis that you are African and still black. Maybe then you will accept your true self. God doesn't think that a certain phenotype is superior. The bible clearly says that humans are evil. Thank God not all Somalis are stupid and ignorant and know well enough that we have the same skin colour, but for the ones who are ignorant and stupid:

Get of your high horse and go build dams for yourselfs!!